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November 25
RBC’s rates will roll over for December, including the Chicago Sale rates.
November 13
Effective 11/18/15, RBC will stop offering rates/service from Long Beach to Portland or Seattle.
November 13
Effective immediately RBC will start taking 40-ft high cube bookings from Atlanta to Portland. No other size is currently allowed in that lane. From other origins, if you can load a 40-ft high cube instead of a 40-ft standard to Portland, we would greatly appreciate it!.
October 28
RBC Rates, including Chicago Sales Rates, will Rollover for November. RBC continues to have a great supply of 40s and 45s throughout much of our network, including Chicago. Fuel surcharge will be 17% for November.
October 28
For domestic shipments to Oakland, please have your truckers return the empty containers and chassis in Oakland back to PAOH instead of OIC.
October 15
For domestic shipments to Oakland, please have your draymen return the empty containers to OIC instead of PAOH until October 27. The chassis should be returned to UP. "K" Line will compensate the draymen for the chassis return to UP. Thank you very much for your assistance. Please select here for OIC information.
October 2
The Chicago G2 and G4 Sale Rates will be extended through the end of October!!! RBC appreciates your business and we are looking forward to continuing to grow these markets! Thanks so much for your support!