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August 25, 2015
Westbound Domestic: As congestion in Portland is continuing to improve, RBC is able to increase our 40-ft domestic volume moving to Portland. As a result, we are reducing the Portland 40-ft rates effective today, August 25. Please continue to check with local RBC (chibctc@us.kline.com for all locations except Chicago, and chigl2@us.kline.com for Chicago origins) to ensure that we can accept the Portland booking. RBC is rolling over nearly all of the rates with the exception of a couple of rates.
Eastbound Domestic: RBC is still looking to develop a bigger, consistent eastbound market. We want your freight!!! Please contact Abby Eckert with any opportunities. We have already reduced the Chicago to Croxton 40-ft rate.
July 29, 2015
RBC is rolling over rates for the month of August with the exception of Portland. Select here for more information.
July 28, 2015
SEATTLE Congestion: Seattle remains tight on chassis due to the large inbound domestic volume. There are currently over 300 loads on chassis in the terminal or on the street. Please pick up, unload and return these as soon as possible to make chassis for the containers that are currently grounded.
If you use your own chassis, please note that you must return the container to T46 in Seattle, OCT in Tacoma or Husky in Tacoma as Savannah CY does not have lift capabilities.
Select here for more information on locations.
July 27, 2015
SEATTLE Congestion: UP’s Seattle terminal is very congested with domestic loads that arrived over the weekend.  As a result of the high inbound volume, UP is unable to bring all of the loads into the terminal and is holding some out on cars.  We are also running into some chassis shortages due to the large domestic volumes.  Please pick up your loads, unload and return the empty equipment as quickly as possible to Savannah Yard help improve the turn time on the equipment, free up terminal capacity and reduce chassis shortages.  Savannah Yard will be open tomorrow (it is Harry Bridges birthday and a number of facilities are closed) so please return as much empty equipment today and tomorrow as possible.
July 13, 2015
Domestic Empty Returns - OAKLAND: For this week and next, please return empty containers to SSA in Oakland and the chassis back to UP. RBC will reimburse $70 for the chassis split. SEATTLE: Please continue to pick up your loads, empty the containers and return them to Savannah yard. Select here for more info.
July 1, 2015
Domestic volume to Seattle has exploded due to the embargo on loads to Portland. This huge increase in traffic is causing operational problems for RBC. To minimize chassis shortages and delays, please unload and return empty containers to Savannah Yard as quickly as possible.
Procedure for $100 for Reimbursement for Port Return in Long Beach, CA: RBC will reimburse IMCs $100 including fuel for empty containers brought back to the Ports in LA/Long Beach. Select here to email CTC with the container number, date and location where the empty container was returned. CTC will respond with a work order including a Dispatch Order number to include on your invoice for $100 that should be emailed to Invoice_due@us.kline.com.
June 5, 2015
Please return all empty containers in Oakland to PAOH. PAOH is now accepting all container sizes.