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17 DEC 2014
Los Angeles and Long Beach: Updates on Moves To and Domestic Empty Returns. Latest: OnLine CY in Long Beach is accepting domestic empty returns

9 DEC 2014
RBC is having problems billing hazardous materials shipments on CSX. Until these issues are resolved, please do not book/bill any hazmat loads with RBC out of Marysville OH.
4 DEC 2014
"K" Line is surplus on 45-ft containers in Portland. RBC will not take any new 45-ft bookings moving to Portland until the surplus is depleted. 20-Ft and 40-ft moves are fine.
25 NOV 2014
RBC’s rates will roll over for the month of December.
21 NOV 2014
Due to a casualty, Port of Oakland was closed Thursday, November 20 but is back open today and is receiving domestic empty returns.
30 SEP 2014
Beginning October 1, 2014 RBC reduced the 40-ft rate from Detroit to Long Beach. In addition, we are eliminating the rates from Birmingham AL to Long Beach. We are sorry that we are no longer able to provide rates for this lane.