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22 APR 2015
Please drop off both the empty container and chassis at OIC/SSA in Oakland.  There is no need for a split return.  Sorry for any confusion! Select here for more information.
21 APR 2015
RBC is opening up an eastbound market, Chicago to Croxton, for the next several weeks. This market will likely be an on again, off again proposition. Select here for more information..
10 APR 2015
Unfortunately, despite "K" Line’s best efforts to keep Portland open for domestic moves, conditions have continued to deteriorate. Severe congestion and resultant chassis shortages plague the area. RBC must close Portland to new bookings effective immediately. We will re-open Portland as soon as we are able. If you already have a booking to Portland, we will honor it. If anyone wants to discuss moving loads via Seattle, please let me know. Select here for more information.
30 MAR 2015
RBC will stop accepting domestic 40-ft standard loads to Portland. RBC will continue to accept 40-ft high cube loads to Portland. 20-ft and 45-ft moves to Portland continue to be banned. Select here for more information.
19 MAR 2015
This week’s schedule for Northwest Container Services in Portland is closing at 2pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and closing at 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday. ( U.S. West Coast Severe Port Congestion Updates)
18 MAR 2015
Ports of America is now open for domestic empty returns in Oakland. Please return the empty container and chassis to PAOH ( U.S. West Coast Severe Port Congestion Updates)
13 MAR 2015
The parking congestion at the Norfolk Southern Ayer Intermodal Facility has been alleviated. Effective immediately, the ingate at Ayer is open for loaded and empty equipment.
11 MAR 2015
Please note that all operations have stopped at SSA in Oakland today due to a ILWU labor disruption. As a result, empty containers cannot be returned to SSA. Please hold to your empty containers . We will send out an update tomorrow. (U.S. West Coast Severe Port Congestion Updates)
10 MAR 2015
Effective immediately RBC will begin to accept new domestic bookings to Oakland. Please note that PAOH (Ports of America) in Oakland will accept empty returns beginning on March 18th. Please have your trucker indicate that these empty containers are destined for the vessel "Bear Mountain Bridge" so they are placed in the correct area of the yard. (U.S. West Coast Severe Port Congestion Updates)
27 FEB 2015
RBC’s rates will roll over for the month of March.
25 FEB 2015
U.S. West Coast Updates on Severe Port Congestion. Domestic to Long Beach is now open without restrictions. SSA is currently accepting domestic empty returns. PAOH, however, is still shut down for RBC domestic empty returns. Domestic bookings to the PNW remain open and unrestricted with the exception of no 20s and 45s to Portland.
23 FEB 2015
See U.S. West Coast Updates on Severe Port Congestion for updates on conditions in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.