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April 27
All RBC rates will roll over for May with the exception of the 2 special rates from Indianapolis which will expire at the end of April. Contact Rail-Bridge if you are interested in the Indianapolis rates.
March 30
RBC is rolling over rates for April. A new rate matrix will be sent out shortly. Fuel for April is 11%. RBC is reopening the Birmingham lane.
March 14
Norfolk Southern has a planned system outage from 12:00 – 1:30 EDT or 11:00 – 12:30 CDT tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15, 2016. During this time frame they will not be able to accept any rail billing. To ensure you do not get rejected at the gate, please send billing to CTC prior to 10:00am Central time.
February 25
RBC fuel for March will be 9.5%. RBC rates will roll over and we have added some new 40-ft rates in the lanes listed below.
Dallas & San Antonio to Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton: The route will be UP-Chicago-CP. The rates are highlighted in green on the spreadsheet.
New Eastbound Lanes: RBC is particularly interested in loads moving to Norfolk, Savannah and Charleston. If you find an opportunity not covered here, please contact Abby Eckert!
February 25 3pm
ULS in Long Beach is back open and can accept domestic empty returns.
February 25
RBC’s two CYs in Long Beach, ULS and OnLine, are temporarily full and cannot accept domestic empty returns. Please return all empty container to the Ports. RBC will compensate IMCs $100 for each container that is returned to the port. To collect the payment, please follow this procedure:
Long Beach Port Return Payment Procedure:
Email the Chicago Transportation Center with the container number and date the container was returned to the port. CTC will respond with a PO number, which you must include on your invoice that should be sent to invoice_due@us.kline.com. Do NOT deduct $100 from the RBC invoice.
January 27
All rates will roll over including the Chicago Sale rates.
RBC is looking to move loads on a long term basis from LA to Omaha and Kansas City in 40-ft non-running reefers. Please let Abby Eckert know if you are interested!
January 14
Rail-Bridge is looking for on-going business to move approximately 25 loads per week in 40-ft non-running (reefer as dry) containers. The freight must be clean and not damage or contaminate K Line’s reefers. The route would be UP from ICTF to Oakland. The empty reefers would be sourced off-dock in Long Beach, and once empty in Oakland, would be returned off-dock to our CY. Please contact Abby Eckert if you have any interest in this new, long term lane.
December 29
"K" Line has a surplus of 40-ft Standards and a slight shortage of 40-ft high cubes in Portland. If possible, please use 40-ft high cubes instead of 40-ft standards for your loads to Portland.